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Pinned Article How do I reset my DMACC network account password?

Here's some tips on how to reset your password

Pinned Article Kaltura "enable 3rd party cookies" error on Safari

How to access Kaltura through Canvas when encountering the "enable 3rd party cookies" error on Safari

*DMACC Personal Computer Equipment and Software Support Policy*

Please see our policy regarding tech support for personal computers, equipment, and software

*DMACC Technology Usage Policy*

Please view our policy regarding using DMACC-owned technology equipment

*Student Network Accounts and Retention policies*

Please view our policies regarding student network accounts and retention periods

Adding an Outlook profile to a MAC computer

How to add your DMACC email profile to Outlook on a MAC computer

Blackboard Browser Checker

Check whether your browser supports the most recent release of Blackboard

BlackBoard Collaborate- Audio/Video

For web-based meeting platforms, including Blackboard Collaborate, your web browser must be allowed to use your camera and microphone to work properly.

Blackboard Collaborate- stuck on loading

Some users will attempt to join a Blackboard Collaborate session but get stuck at the loading animation. Here is something to try when you run into that issue.

Blackboard troubleshooting for students

Having issues with using Blackboard as a student? Here are some troubleshooting tips

Can DMACC Alumni use DMACC computers?

The short answer is, yes! Please view this article on how to take advantage of this Alumni benefit

DART App Troubles

Having issues using the DART app on your smartphone? Click here for some troubleshooting tips and who to contact for help

Drop a Class - Online via Banner Self Service

How to drop a class using banner self service

Error message when opening Office documents on MacOS

Are you on a Mac computer and getting an error when you attempt to open an Office document? Then you may need to enable full disk access for the application

First time MFA setup- alternate method

If you're setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for the first time, you can bypass using the Microsoft Authenticator app and just have a code texted to you instead.

How can I send an encrypted email message?

Need to send a sensitive email? Follow these steps to learn how to encrypt your email message

How do I clear my browser cache?

Occasionally, browser cache issues occur with some browsers on DMACC sites. Follow these instructions to clear out your browser cache in Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

How do I disable updates in a Blackboard class?

If you want to no longer receive updates from a Blackboard class, such as grading or due dates, there is an option on the Blackboard site to disable these.

How do I download Microsoft Office for free?

If you're a current credit student or employee at DMACC, you can obtain Microsoft Office for free. This includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, and Teams.

How to add a printer

Need to print to a printer that's not listed on your computer? Follow these steps to get it added

How to Allow Pop-Ups in your Web Browser

Is your web browser preventing you from seeing a legitimate pop-up? Here are instructions on how to allow them to appear

How to Block an Email sender in Outlook

Are you receiving a lot of unwanted email from a specific sender? Here are the steps you can take to block them

How to change your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) method

Tired of using the Microsoft Authenticator app for your DMACC login MFA? Here's how you can change it!

How to Create a Group in Microsoft Teams

This is your guide to create groups in teams, this can be used for each Academic Discipline if you are a chair and need to organize said groups. This is also helpful for any group any supervisor may be in charge of that they want to be able to share things and keep in contact with their group.

How to disable Focused Inbox and How to stop forwarding DMACC emails to your personal email

Here are the steps needed to disable focused inbox or mail forwarding

How to email a class through Outlook

This is to help student, faculty and staff email the whole class, a class mate, student, or group of students through Outlook.

How to Filter Messages in Webmail - Auto Delete

Are you getting constant emails that you typically just delete? You can setup a mail rule in Webmail to do it for you

How to Find DegreeWorks

How to find DegreeWorks

How to get Microsoft Word templates to appear in Word

If you're not seeing any Word templates when launching Word, try checking this setting.

How to install software using Software Center

Now that the ability to install software has been restricted, you will need to use Microsoft Endpoint Manager Software Center to install software.

How to open photos sent from an iPhone on Windows 10 PC

Did you receive a .heic picture file from someone using an iPhone? Here is how to open/view it using a Windows 10 computer.

How to remove Office license files on a Mac

This is what to do if a student is seeing a message saying "Your Account (username) doesn't allow editing on a mac."

How to restore a file or folder on a network drive

Was a file or folder accidentally deleted on a network drive? Here are some steps on how to restore it

How to run Lenovo Vantage updates on Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo Vantage is an application that you can utilize to install important software updates and get the latest drivers for your Lenovo device.

How to save files from MyLab to your personal computer

Did you know that you can save files from MyLab onto your personal computer? Here are instructions on how to access that feature

How to update Google Chrome

Having issues while accessing websites on Google Chrome? Try this quick method to update the browser

How to use Teams to have breakout meetings or 1 on 1 conversations outside of the primary meeting

Did you know that you can use Teams to have breakout meetings or 1-on-1 conversations outside of a primary meeting? Here is a how-to guide on how to utilize that feature

JourneyEd How to Get Discounted Software.

This is how to find out what DMACC has to offer as a discount

MFA - Initial Setup with MS Authenticator App

MFA initial setup with mobile app

MFA - Setup Physical Security Key

This article will assist in setting up an MFA Security key with Microsoft MFA.

Microphone troubleshooting steps

If you are troubleshooting a Microphone you should confirm that the settings within Windows are configured properly. The best way to test a Microphone would be through the Control Panel's Sound Settings.

Microphone/Camera issues in Collaborate

Are you having issues with your Microphone/Camera in Collaborate? Try updating your chrome browser

Microsoft Teams Recording Options

Here are links to Microsoft's articles on how to utilize the meeting recording feature in Teams

Multifactor Authentication (MFA)- YubiKey alternative

Don't have a cellphone or prefer to authenticate your DMACC account without one? Try a YubiKey instead

MyLab Setup: Mac Version

Here is how to download myLab on a mac

Network Drive Mappings

Did you lose access to your network drives? Here are the paths to re-map them to your computer.

PaperCut- Student Guide

DMACC has chosen PaperCut to help reduce wasteful printing as well as our carbon footprint by regulating printing. In addition to being able to print to networked printers from a DMACC computer, PaperCut also allows us to offer you the ability to print from your own personal device (laptop, tablet, etc.) via the web print feature.

Phishing Alert Report

How to report a phishing email

Possible Solutions w/ Microsoft Teams

If you are getting a "We're sorry

Qualtrics assistance - DMACC Surveys

I will update this as soon as I can get in contact with Carolyn about who will be replacing her for contact information

Registration Dates for Summer 2023 & Fall 2023

Just having this here, mainly because I get questions about this a lot. I will delete this or continue to update this in the future.

Resolve Permissions Issues for Kaltura in FireFox

Enabling Cross Tracking for Kaltura

Respondus LockDown Browser - Student Support

For issues regarding LockDown Browser, we strongly recommend that students reach out to Respondus for help. This article contains contact/support information.

Saving a Word Doc as a PDF

How to save a word document as a PDF

Setup Authenticator App from MFA site

Setup Authenticator through the websiite

Student Request for Technology Assistance- loaner laptops & hotspots

Did you know that DMACC receives funds to assist students with their technology needs? Check here to see what resources are available

The dock does not work after connected to a computer with the provided Thunderbolt 3 cable.

The dock does not work after connected to a computer with the provided Thunderbolt 3 cable.

The external monitor display is blank.

Monitor Issues With Docking Station

Things to consider when buying a computer

Thinking about replacing your computer? Here are a few things to consider before buying one

Tik Tok Ban Notification

If you see a notification about TikTok from Window Security this article will explain why...

Transcript Status

How to check the Status of a Transcript

Videos won't run on Safari

How to have Safari show videos on iPad and Macbooks

What are Microsoft Viva emails and how to unsubscribe

Are you getting emails from Microsoft Viva? Learn more about it here and how to unsubscribe if you wish to

What is the DMACC RAVE alert system?

The DMACC Alert - Emergency Notification System (RAVE) can quickly alert DMACC students, faculty and staff of any delays or cancellations of class, from either weather or other causes. It's also used in the event any security concerns or emergencies. If your contact information is up to date in the Web Info System, you will receive the alerts automatically. If you'd like to add additional email addresses, SMS, or phone numbers, please follow the instructions within.

Wiley Plus Support Contact

Wiley Plus Support Contact

Your External ID Cannot Be Determined - Error message when attempting to connect to Web Info System in myDMACC

If you are receiving this error when attempting to access Web Info System through MyDMACC, here is something you could try to resolve the issue.

Zoom test for troubleshooting Zoom issues

Zoom has a test meeting that you can join to troubleshoot connection/video/audio issues-  Access the Zoom troubleshooting test here