Registration General Inquiry


Welcome to the DMACC Registration General Inquiry service. This service is dedicated to providing support and information to non-credit students and individuals with general inquiries about our programs and services at DMACC.


Service Overview


Whether you're interested in non-credit courses, seeking information about our offerings, or have general questions about DMACC Registration, this service is your starting point. We understand that navigating the array of options and services can be daunting, and our goal is to make this process as smooth and informative as possible.


How to Use This Service

  1. Identify Your Query: Consider what information or assistance you need, whether it’s about non-credit courses, registration processes, or other general inquiries.
  3. Submit Your Inquiry: Click the Request Service button and fill out the form with your questions or details about the information you are seeking.
  5. Response and Guidance: Our team will review your inquiry and provide you with detailed information or guidance as soon as possible.
  7. Further Assistance: If you have additional questions or need more specific information, please feel free to submit another inquiry or use the contact details provided below.

Who Can Use This Service


This service is open to all individuals interested in or currently involved with DMACC's non-credit programs, as well as anyone seeking general information about DMACC Registration. Our commitment is to provide accurate and helpful responses to all inquiries.


Contact Information


If you need immediate assistance or have specific questions, please contact us at or call us at [515-964-6800].

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