Block a Phone Number or Report Harassing Calls

Repetitive or recurring calls has long been an issue which appears to be getting even worse recently. DMACC has not and does not block calls from the dialed numbers as it is a common practice for the originators of these calls to “spoof” the numbers they are dialing from. Technology advances have made it easier to spoof numbers from these entities making it nearly impossible to obtain their true phone numbers without the assistance of additional agencies and/or departments.

The most effective method of tracking these calls to their true source is to report these calls to DMACC Security (515-964-6500) with the following information:

  • Date 
  • Time 
  • Who received the call
  • Phone number that called (the number where the call came from) 
  • Phone number that was called (the number where the call was received) 
  • How many times have you gotten called from the same person or automated caller
  • What was the message and how was it harassing (directed at the receiver, automated call, etc.)

This should be reported as a harassment call when the same number calls repeatedly. With this information, DMACC Security will be able to report it to the local authorities (Ankeny Police Department) at which time our local dial tone provider will be contacted to trace the call to the source. If necessary, additional resources will be implemented to determine the true source of the calls and respond to them in person by their local authorities.



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